About Us

A little about the joint:

This Speakeasy is a local joint. It is located south of Tyler on Old Jacksonville Highway but don’t tell anyone (because it’s a speakeasy). We opened in the Spring of 2017 and feature great food, spirits, music and entertainment. Shhh….

21 and Up Only. House Rules and the Menu (content and pricing) provided at the time of your visit to restaurant supercede any website information.

South Tyler Speakeasy is a Smoke Free restaurant and bar. Smoking is allowed on our Northern Deck. Smoke is not permitted at or around our patio entrance.


Tuesday – Thursday: 4pm-12am
Friday: 2pm-12am
Saturday: 12pm – 1am
Sunday: 12pm-12am

Dress Code

STS is a casual restaurant and bar. However, please remember that you are in public. Don’t be a slob. 
No sleeveless shirts.
Hemmed shorts/Pants (i.e. no cutoffs)
No colors or gang affiliation.
Must wear shoes, boots, sandals or cement overshoes.

House Rules

The Barkeep is never wrong. Mind the barkeep. Like to fight? Do not pass go…Go directly to jail and be forever banned from the promised land. All Drunkards will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. (Don’t show up after hitting the hooch) No sleeping at the table or talk of politics or religeon. Do not talk in boisterous tones…”speak easy”. Don’t act like an idiot and we’ll be ok with each other. Act like an idiot and we will bounce you or call the coppers.