Live Music

Gig Here

Please send your band’s EPK to We will review the information and contact you if we are interested in booking your band.

No Phone Calls!

Friday play is 8pm – Midnight
Saturday play is from 9pm – 1am

At least 3 hours of music with no more than 20 minute breaks (No Repeated Songs).

Mandatory play the first and last half hour.

We have the following available:

Band will need PA, mic’s, mic stands, all cables for all equipment and additional monitors if needed. A Ludwig Questlove drumset with a Ride/Crash and Hihat is available. Drummers might want to bring their own cymbals and stands if using the house kit.

Load time is a minimum of 2 hours before show. 
Sound check is a minimum of 1 hour before show.

Failure to control volume levels may be grounds for termination after 2 warnings from management. Band would then be paid for actual time already played.

Artist and Buyer agree to be bound by a non performance clause. If either party breaks the contract, the party that doesn’t honor said contract is obligated to the offended party for one half the amount due at the end of scheduled show. A 21 day notice of cancellation is required and failure to honor said contract may result in legal action which is to take place in Smith county, Texas.

A completed form W-9 is required for booking confirmation and may be emailed or faxed to us at (903) 534-2630